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Note:Game features:•there are two Main features1-play with computer2-local multi-player• both features contains 5×5 and

Game features:
•there are two Main features
1-play with computer
2-local multi-player
• both features contains 5×5 and 7×7 Main
– 5×5 means there will be 5 box in
horizontal and 5 box in 25
– 7×7 means there will be 7 box in
horizontal and 7 box in 49
•all features contains 2P, 3P,
And 4P
options. mean you can play game with
2, 3 or 4 players
•For following specific track there are
arrows for guidance (arrange sentence)
Like Ludo game Player must move all his four pawn to destination zone which is located at the center of the grid before other players do.
Game Rules:
1.When game starts all pawns are blocked at home zone, to release pawns player must roll 8. If player rolls 8 he/she
can release 1 pawn from home
2.Every player has a pre designed path to reach destination zone. So when player gets a number, then he/she needs to choose one of their released pawns and move it that many squares along the path designated for that player.
3.Only one pawn can stand on a zone or square except on a safe zone or square which marked with special design patterns. So if player X’s pawn stands on a zone and player Y’s pawn is moving to the same zone then player Y pawn can kill Player X’s pawn. Then player X’s pawn will go back to the starting zone and gets blocked again.
4.The game grid is divided into 3 lanes outer, middle and inner. Player has to kill at least one opponent’s pawn to enter in to destination zone.
for example your pawn is 2 step away from destination zone and you didn’t kill any opponent and you roll 2 then you can not move for reach destination.
this rule make game more interesting
5. home can not be empty until you at least one pawn reach at destination zone.
for example your 3 pawn are out of home but any pawn dose not reached at destination zone. and you roll 8 then your fourth pawn can not come out of the home
5.When player rolls 4, 8 or kills opponent pawn or reach at destination zone, he/she will get another chance to roll.
6.Reaching the central square: A pawn needs to reach the central square exactly. For example, if a pawn is 3 squares away from the center and the player throws a 4, then that pawn cannot be moved.

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