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Description of Tarot Card ReadingTarot Card Reading is an awesome app, which allows you to get a FREE tarot reading ever

Description of Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading is an awesome app, which allows you to get a FREE tarot reading every day. The app itself is free of charge and no in-app purchases are possible. The predictions are very accurate and you have the chance to talk to experts that are available all the time. Become a better version of yourself, take a journey, get to know yourself. Download this app and find out what the future has in store for you, be prepared! All you need is a smartphone or tablet and a working internet connection and you are good to go.
Works on mobile devices, smartphones, tablets.
Where the tarot began is not known. Many have suggested that the cards, particularly the twenty-two Major Arcana, evolved from an ancient symbolic book that contained the prototype of a perfect spiritual life journey. Others see the tarot as a game that has an uncanny relevance to life and life events. Between the two extremes, a lot has been written that serves the purposes of those who wish to keep the tarot only as an exclusive mystery to all but the initiated. The earliest known tarot decks originated in Italy in the fifteenth century. They were much as we see them today. At present, nothing stops us from assuming that perhaps a bright Italian artist – and there were quite a few around Italy at that time – simply said to himself, "Why don't I create a beautiful tarot deck today?" The assumption that all creative work has to be the result of a gradual evolution or series of fumbling improvements on an earlier, more primitive theme is to miss the spontaneous essence of creativity itself. Since the fifteenth century, hundreds of different decks have been designed, illustrated, copied, and distributed. Their use was largely in the hands of fortune-tellers and gypsies until the nineteenth century, when they became of great interest to the fashionable and exclusive esoteric societies of the period. Much of the mystery and occult "past" of the cards was invented at this time as a particularly apt metaphor for the initiate's journey along his spiritual path to enlightenment.
Why have the cards captured the imagination of so many for so long? However you wish to use them, they work! You can forget the magical hocus-pocus; it just isn't necessary. We all have an unconscious ability that we can tap. All we need are the tools with which to get our incredible imaginations working and we're in business. The tarot cards are those tools. Although we are swamped by the written word from our very earliest years, most of us can, with a little practice, read and understand more from a picture than we can from paragraphs of text. The use of visual symbols is as old as time and certainly much older than any written language. Observing these symbols, and translating them in terms of past, present, and future events, has been a self-preserving instinct in human life since our prehistoric ancestors. The written word has restricted our awareness. On many levels we still make predictions on the things we "see." We look at dark clouds and predict rain. We look at faces and predict their potential honesty or dishonesty. We make judgements on the basis of the clothes people wear, the way people talk, the cars they drive, and the houses in which they live. In group situations most of us sense quite quickly the differences and similarities between ourselves and others. In advertising alone, huge amounts of money are spent in designing symbols, brand images, and logos that impart the message of trust, reliability, and value.
Symbols in tarot, religion, astrology, philosophy, and so on, serve one of two purposes: they make a complex idea or set of ideas easier to understand, or they keep an idea secret from all but those initiated. We take in the messages of graphic symbols everywhere every day, and yet we are amazed and overawed when someone can read and understand unfamiliar symbols on a deck of tarot cards.

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